At Autosmic, we believe that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) should be accessible and affordable for all businesses. That’s why we offer a platform that is not only competitively priced, but also packed with features that make it easy to automate even the most complex processes.

Autosmic offers a range of maintenance features to help you keep your bots running smoothly. Our platform includes tools for monitoring and troubleshooting issues, as well as automatic updates to ensure that you always have the latest version of our software.

We have a bias for action. We stand by you for all your needs and are wiling to go the extra mile in order to make you successful!

Enterprise Support Tiers

Enterprise Standard Support is included, but doesn’t cover much beyond very basic support. We recommend the Premium tier for significant implementations, as it comes with a lot of value. Below is a illustrative comparison of some of the featured benefits. 

Most Enterprises would do well with Enterprise Premium Support. Additional benefits will be added as we go, to this tier.

Enterprise Standard

Customer Portal Access
Issue Diagnosis & Resolution
Automatic New Features
Standard Response
Install/Upgrade Documentation
Online Support Only
Best Practices Documentation
Product Documentation

Enterprise Premium

Customer Portal Access
Issue Diagnosis & Resolution
Automatic New Features
Priority Response
Install/Upgrade Assistance
On-Site Support (Limited )
Best Practices Coaching
Product Training
Scaling, Performance Advice
Implementation Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Autosmic Cloud put my data off-premise on the cloud?

We allow you to completely keep all the bot data on-premise. We capture metadata and the first option is to keep it local on your premise. You can choose to save the data with us or with your cloud storage provider. We can integrate with most of the leading Cloud vendors. 

How long does it take to implement an Automation

The majority of the work seems to be about understanding what you want to automate. We provide tools for Task Mining and Visualization of Automation Opportunities. This allows us to do things in weeks that others do in months.

What needs to be installed if at all

For security purposes, the screen recorder can only run on the machine it is recording. Also for attended automation, we provide a tool – EasyButtons, for launching your bots. Both of these come in a zip file that you can unzip in minutes.  

What is different about Autosmic compared to other vendors

We charge reasonably

We make it a snap to build bots or fix them. 

Everything is pre-built to eliminate unnecessary steps in the bot development process

Self Correction allows a bot to fix itself on the fly while running. It may require some direction in some cases but you don’t take them back to the designer to fix them

Does Autosmic provide Services to build the Automations?

We understand our products very well. So we do provide our expertise to analyze, design and execute on the Digital Transformation that works for you. We do have training programs to train/certify willing citizen developers. 

What is the best way to start on an RPA Project

We offer a free consultation and POC engagement, which comes with no obligations. Feel free to reach out to us to avail of this!