Who We Are

We are Veterans in the Process Excellence, Digital Transformation & Automation space

What We Do

We build Innovative Products & Solutions in the Process Automation Space to help larger scale operations to run efficiently and better serve their customers!

Why We Do It

We are inspired and believe that the time is ripe now, for Innovative Technology to bring a revolutionary transformation in the way businesses function

Dilip Karki
Founder & CEO

A People & Technology leader, with over 2 decades in the Application/Service/Data Integration and Automation space. Large & Small Company leadership with a hands-on style. 

Kedar Barve
Principal Technical Advisor/Architect

 Seasoned Technology Professional with 2 decades of experience in different stacks and domain with focus in product engineering, architecture and backend components like Database , Cloud , Data domains

Chetana Pandit
Managing Director, Autosmic Digital India

Over 2 decades of extensive experience in accounting, audit, taxation laws and regulations allows Chetana to provide valuable insights and guidance to the company’s finance and accounting team. She has a proven track record of implementing best practices, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and optimizing financial performance.

Reshma Bhat
Managing Director, Autosmic Digital India

A unique blend of technical expertise and leadership. With a Computer Science degree and a Masters in Geoinformatics, Reshma makes informed decisions that align with the company’s goals.


At this time, we are building a solution team in India. Freelances are welcome. Feel free to email us your profile.

Autosmic fosters a culture of Openness, Willingness & Camaraderie

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Aspiration creates the drive to do something beyond what exists today. It is the essential ingredient for progress

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Everyone comes with their own uniqueness. We believe in identifying and blossoming this

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Team Work

Team work is a soft skill. Being able to work together in co-operation is key to making large deliverables

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Openness is about letting different ideas and issues surface and being available to address them

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When things are made simple, it is easy to see clearly, and a lot can be achieved when there is clarity

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Merit or Competence is a fundamental value. By gathering the right people we build respect for everyone

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Innovation is at the soul of a startup. Being able to look at new ways to do things well is key to progress

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We treat each other with respect and understanding. Everyone needs help and being a friend to someone is valuable