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Process Analysis - laborious and time consuming

Every Business or Enterprise of significant size, keeps track of its standard processes to make sure it’s operations are well defined and known. However, processes in theory and practice can be very different. In addition some of the lower level details keep changing, with no visibility. Some of these can result in compliance issues or at the least inefficiency and loss to the business. 

Getting a handle on the details and re-calibrating is a good exercise from time to time to ensure that processes are up to date and being followed. 

In order to execute, you need tools. The traditional methods of manual discussion and documentation may be too slow and expensive to employ.

Our Process Analysis uncovers Automation Opportunities, with defined  ROI for your specific set of processes. You can get into the Automation Projects with confidence that you would not otherwise have. 

Projects do fail, but yours doesn’t have to. We provide tools that make the probability of success much higher and our expertise in this domain allows us to predict risky ventures, vs easy possibilities, backed by your existing processes, and not extrapolated from someone else’s. 

You will be amazed at how easy it becomes once you use tools to harvest your process data and extract meaningful information out of it, to your advantage. Conversations become much easier when everyone concerned can be on the same page. We like to support data-driven decision-making.   

Right Technology & Tools help avoid failure!

Introducing Process Excellence & Automation Tools

Enterprise Automation Suite

From Process Discovery To Planning & Design

Inclusive Cross Functional Participation

Collaborate On a Single Cloud Platform

Digital Assistant

Use Existing Processes As A Blueprint For Digital Workers
Orchestrate Your Digital Workers & Govern Them From a Central Console

Multi Portal

Let Your Automation Span End To End
Digitize Incoming Data

You May Have Pondered Over This

Process Discovery


You got your process flow down, but you wonder what it will take to translate that Into Automation? Where do you begin?

Processes & Tasks have a lot of details and they are done differently by each person. You know you need to automate but not sure of what exactly?

Digital Automation


You are not sure if your automation will be secure. Will it come at a security risk to your customer data?

How do you govern your automation and manage the entire life cycle of the robotic process automation?


Why Process Discovery ?


Cut down on the time consuming interviews with SME's to figure out your task details. Speed up the data collection & get going quickly

Automatic Process Documentation

Automatically document processes & capture task details from SMEs online and accessible to all concerned

Automation Planning

Visualize collected Process & Task Flows
Plan/Collaborate with a common perspective across groups within the Enterprise

Predictability & Success

Determine Criticality/Value and prioritize automations
Eliminate guess-work & execute projects With confidence & predictability

Learn How We Discover Processes

Why Autosmic ?

Comprehensive Cloud Platform

Natively Multi-Tenant Cloud & Cross Platform Enterprise Platform
Portal for last mile Automation
RPA API out of the box Features are delivered every two weeks
No manual upgrades Security built in

User Friendly

Platform built for Ease Of Use & Speed
Pre-wired pre-tested activities enable you to focus on your business problem
Our Portal and RPA services are wired together
Bot launching toolbar comes out of the box
Aspects of governance are very easy to use

Self Correcting

Bots may need to change often once built, especially if they are dependent on screen elements
We handle it by allowing the bot to self-correct.
For major UI changes, the bot will self-correct under guidance and fix itself on the fly. Think "Simplified Maintenance"


Our licensing model is one of the best in comparison with other commercial automation products. We offer unlimited attended bots and unlimited un-attended bots.
Our per device cost vs. per bot costs from other competitors represents a 50x advantage

Enterprise Platform At A Glance

Process Discovery
Bot Design

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