Multi-Purpose Web Portals

Web Apps hooked to Automations!

Last Mile Digitization/Automation With Portals

Digitize Data From The Start

Eliminate Paper Forms and Scanned Documents 

Let Customers/Partners Register Online


Electronic Onboarding of customers, partners, employees
Get rid of paperwork

Service Requests

Portal collects requests.
Service these requests automatically

Automated Applications

Custom designer web applications, hooked up to digital robots.

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Yes, we host it, so you don’t need to install or upgrade it. We take care of it for you. But we can run it on your Data Center/Cloud as a custom step, if you must have the data in your private cloud.

Once the necessary configuration is done, the Web Portal is available more or less immediately.

Yes, we have some ready made templates for portals. for example for onboarding Patients, Partners, etc. More such templates will become available as we go.

You can drop buttons on the Web Portal, that are hooked to digital robots. These bots can help do certain activities on the front end or the backend. Integration is one such use case.

Yes, you can custom build your web app pages to suit your look and feel and design requirements. We help with integrating with Automation and Host it as well.

Yes, we can build the Web App in many cases and host it as well. In this case, we would support you fully.

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